Sustainable heating:
Good for the environment and your wallet

Almost everyone in the Netherlands uses the same heat source: natural gas. But heating a home will become more and more customized in the coming years. Are you looking for the comfortable heat and at the same time want to save on your energy costs? It's smart to start making your home more sustainable now. This way you will emit less CO2, your energy bill will go down and your home will get a better energy label, which is good for the value of your home! The most sustainable way is of course to heat your house entirely with (passive) solar energy or a heat pump, in combination with good insulation. Many old houses can't do this, and need to be supplemented with additional heating. Sustainable heating options include using solar energy or a heat pump in combination with good insulation.

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Central heating boiler

Modern boilers are significantly more energy efficient than models available several years ago. By replacing your boiler, you can realize significant savings on your monthly energy bills. We offer several models, so there is a suitable boiler for every household. The boiler heats the radiator, which then heats the air and the air.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating can lead to significant energy savings. The exact amount you can save depends on factors such as your boiler, the size of your home and the quality of your home's insulation. With underfloor heating, heating pipes are laid under the floor, making the system invisible and distributing heat evenly throughout the room. This can save a significant amount of space! ...
Water-based underfloor heating, such as convectors, also uses a low supply temperature of about 35°C to heat. In addition, during a heat wave, underfloor heating can also be used to cool a room by using a supply temperature of, say, 18°C.
We offer two options for underfloor heating, one that runs on electricity and one that runs on hot water. A water-based system is usually more expensive, but the energy consumption is more efficient. Electric underfloor heating is usually cheaper to purchase and can be connected to solar panels.
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A heat pump is a heating system that utilizes a compressor and an evaporator to extract heat from the outside air, ground or water and transfer it into your house. This system can have an efficiency ratio of more than 100% (some even claim up to 600%) making it an extremely sustainable option for heating your home. ...
For a heat pump to be an ideal solution for your house, it should be well or very well insulated. This means that the insulation in your roof and floors should be of good quality, your cavity walls should be filled, and your windows should be of HR++ glass. This is because heat pumps work with a heating temperature of a maximum of 45 to 55 degrees, while a boiler water provides 60 to 80 degrees. A poorly or moderately insulated house will not be warm enough with such a low water temperature. To determine if a heat pump is the right option for your house, it is recommended that you consult with a professional.
There are several benefits to heating your house sustainably using a heat pump. For instance, it leads to a lower energy bill, helps you prepare for a gas-free living, increases the value of your property, makes you eligible for subsidies and financing, and reduces your home's carbon footprint.

Why heat your house sustainably?

It leads to a low energy bill
It prepares you for gas-free living
It increases the value of your property
You can receive subsidies and financing
It reduces CO2 emissions

Everyone is ready for a sustainable home

Everyone can start heating their home sustainably, regardless of whether you live in an old or new-build house. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you choose a hybrid heat pump, a new boiler, or go for gas-free living with a 100% electric heat pump? With Warm Wonen, you can receive personalized advice in just two minutes about the best option for your sustainable start.

This advice will include information on savings, payback period and possible subsidies, making it easy to understand the options available to you. Personalized advice: Within one minute, you can receive advice that is tailored to your specific home and energy consumption.

Easy comparison:
Compare the different options such as heat pump, new boiler or hybrid heat pump and understand the results easily.
Start right away:
Request a quote without any obligation. We are here to help you make sustainable choices. If you have any general or specific questions about sustainable heating, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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We offer four different types of
heating packages for your house:


  • New heating system

Comfort plus

  • New heating system and insulation for roof and walls


  • New heating system
  • Insulation for roof and walls
  • New windows with HR++ glass

premium plus

  • New heating system
  • Solar panel installation
  • Insulation for roof and walls
  • New windows with HR++ glass

There are several options available when it comes to heating systems. It's important to consider energy efficiency and efficiency when making a choice. Depending on your home or commercial building, you can consider options like an energy-efficient HR boiler, design radiators, underfloor heating, or a smart thermostat. Additionally, you can consider to insulate your home properly which can prevent heat loss, and save energy and money. Here are 4 tips on how to heat your home without wasting energy: Only heat the rooms you are using. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Insulate your house to prevent heat loss. Use a smart thermostat to control the temperature more efficiently.

What are options for heating systems? Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. There is also a growing demand for sustainable heating systems that prioritize energy efficiency and efficiency. Depending on the type of home or commercial building, you can consider several options. If your home is equipped with a water heater, you can install an energy-efficient high-efficiency boiler.

There are also many more options when it comes to radiators. For example, you can have designer radiators installed to better match your interior. By combining your heating system with a smart thermostat, you can heat much more efficiently. You can also consider switching to underfloor heating. If you choose underfloor heating as your main heating system, you can benefit from increased home comfort and a very attractive return on investment. These are just a few examples of the options you have when it comes to heating.

4 tips heating without wasting

  • Don't heat your entire house.
  • When you're home, set the thermostat one degree lower than you're used to.
  • Set the thermostat to 15 degrees at night, this will save you an average of 370 euros per year with current gas prices, and 150 euros per year with longer-term gas prices.
  • You have a choice between a low temperature heat pump, used mainly in combination with underfloor heating, and a high temperature heat pump connected to radiators. You can also choose a hybrid system that combines a heat pump with gas condensing technology.


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